Who is Dana C. Love?

Transitioning into 2019 has unearthed a whole new journey the author refers to as the Self-Love Journey. “I now understand why my plans never worked out,” the author reflects. “I lacked one of the most important qualities a person must possess and that is love!” Learning to love, embrace, accept, and realize that she is worthy, the author now describes herself as becoming the woman she was created and approved by God to be!

“I’m thankful for all the challenges and experiences, I’ve encountered because it has drawn me closer to my friend, Jesus Christ!” The survivor boldly proclaims that she is on time for her life and looks forward to continuing to grow and become a full-time author, professional interior and exterior decorator, seamstress, home builder and anything else God has planned for her! If there is one thing the author wants to share with anyone who has (or is currently) experiencing trauma or tragedy, it is this: let go and let God.

“For years I tried to manage my life on my own. Once I finally got tired of trying to seek approval and validation from people, making my own self-centered decisions, and trying to control everything about my life, God had the opportunity to work within me.”

The advocate also suggests mental health counseling as a form of self-love. Dana stresses that treatment for yourself doesn’t mean you have to take medication. She advises you to remember that no matter what you’ve gone through in life or who may not see your worth or value, focus within yourself, and take the necessary steps to learn and apply healthy love and self-care.

“Recognize your worth, unconditionally! You owe it to yourself to invest in releasing and healing your inner self!” Dana C. Love resides in Arkansas. She is the only child and mother to two. Her passions include coloring, interior, and exterior decorating, reading, doodling, and laughing out loud (literally).

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